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Shanghai Yuangao Valves Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Zone and covers an area of 40000 square meters. Relying on Shanghai that boasts good transport service and advanced information technology and adhering to the principle of “seeking survival through product quality and seeking development through product innovation”, It is striving for an influential, first-class valve-manufacturing enterprise in China. 
Shanghai Yuangao Valves industry (Group) Co., Ltd. adopts Chinese National Standards, American Standards, German Standards, Japanese Standards and some Non-Standards to design and manufacture products. Its primary products include gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, high-temperature and high-pressure power station valves, cryogenic valves and various special valves. These products are available in pressure ratings ranging from1.0Mpa~32Mpa, Class125~Class2500 and 10K~40K, in sizes ranging from 3mm~1200mm and 1/8″~48″, and in such materials as WCB(A105), WC6(F11), WC9(F22), LCB(LF2), CF8(F304), CF3(F304L), CF8M(F316), CF3M(F316L), CN7M(#20 alloy), Monel and Titanium steels. They are widely used in the petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, papermaking, pharmaceutical and power station industries as well as other industrial and civil areas.
All staffs of Shanghai Yuangao Valves industry (Group) Co., Ltd. would like to use the first-class products and perfect services to share bright future with the customer.
Add: 1199, Songying Rd, Qingpu Industrial Zone, Shanghai, China
Tel: 86-21-59868999
Fax: 86-21-59868777
President: ZHENG SHI SAN
Postal Code: 201707
Website: www.fhv-valve.com
E-mail: fhv@fhv-valve.com